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December 13, 2008


Dan Spellman

James – Thanks for the link to www.flimp.net. I agree that you will lose some control when you post your videos on YouTube. It is similar to the discussions companies have when they create an entry on Wikipedia – once your out there, everyone (and anyone) has access to it. Using a service like Flimp, VoiceWalk or About Face Media can not only give you a great marketing product, they can help you capture the necessary metrics such as number of views, clicks and length of view. In the end, you have to balance the differences between the metrics and the possible viral marketing opportunities.

James Ray

YouTube is a wonderful thing, but it has some shortcomings. Doesn't the video author lose control of the video and what sort of analytics are available to the producer? There is a pretty cool video landing page tool, complete with analytics, that you may want to investigate. Check it out. I've even experimented with the tool to promote my own business.

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